Friday, October 28, 2005

Department Store

Big dream over several locations, lots of travelling; a journey/holiday feeling about it. We were looking after someone's apartment or caravan, then moving on somewhere else. Watching Roman Army re-enactors going through their various formations, decided (for the first time) that it looked like a rather good idea and a fine thing to do. Spent a lot of time in enormous department store with J and others (family?). I felt mildly privileged in some way, as if we were shopping for a present for me. The radio-controlled models section of this particularly well-equipped store was of interest, with some large and fantastically detailed examples of obscure naval vessels. Also remembered from shop stock: an accessory pack for model soldiers who are suppied bald: transparent plastic hairpieces in a variety of styles (short, ponytail etc.) to be painted in the desired hair colour. Their transparency allows a realistic effect to be achieved by brushing lightly, creating a convincingly strandy texture. Fat Boy Slim's ubiquitous 'Right Here, Right Now' must have had some soundtrack role in this dream, for I had it in my head when I woke up.

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