Sunday, November 06, 2005

A New Life

Begins as I arrive at small, attractive, modern but rustically-built complex by the sea somewhere in Scotland - judging by the bleached look of stone and wood, and the dune grasses, Western Isles? I am working or studying here, and have been allocated a couple of rooms at the sea-facing end - it is otherwise occupied by people I vaguely know.

Later I am visiting/staying at a much larger complex somewhere nearby. I am accompanied by J. and my friend G. This group of buildings (at times resembling parts of Stansted Airport or Cumbernauld Town Centre) is dedicated to one purpose; people are here to work, and here in substantial numbers. As we explore, we discover not only that the complex includes shops, offices, auditoria and a partially-underground railway station, but also that entrance and exit is strictly controlled. As interlopers without roles or accreditation, we will be unable to leave! We make an attempt to escape by train, but find that unless we are to be discovered, the only way to avoid identity or ticket checks is to return to our station again. Eventually, while exploring some offices (very seventies in style, much tongue-and-groove pannelling), I discover a half-open window. I squeeze through it - G. follows (J. seems to have disappeared by this point) out onto a small balcony/roof area, then drop down into a field of some kind of cereal, and liberty.

Therafter, a dream of paranoia and pursuit. A long journey through fields and lanes, avoiding encounter with any passers-by. At one point we see, rising in the distant sky, a shape somewhat like the silhouette of a stealth bomber... this splits into smaller shapes and rearranges itself, then again - now shapes resembling geese or crows silently reforming above the horizon. This is a grim sight indeed - we know it to be the pursuit (craft?) of the authorities, and necessitates a long period of hiding, attempting to avoid detection from the air. Later I lose G. - a slight feeling that he has either been caught, or decided to make his own way; it's certainly too dangerous for me to try to find him.

Eventually (days later?) I find myself on a small, rocky peninsula, high above crashing waves. I know that I will have to make my new life here, and I feel OK about that. As long, I think, as I am left alone and free from danger. I speculate that there may be a cave further down towards the shore where I can equip myself to survive, and put together my new life.

I seem to remember looking at a map (a road map, and therefore at a much smaller scale than I would like) and realising I was on the coast somewhere near Irvine.

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