Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Small Biscuit Currency

Am in the shop of a petrol station, trying to buy a copy of 'Private Eye'. I notice, however, that the magazine has become slightly more glossy and colourful and has been rebranded as 'Have I Got News for You', to tie in with the TV show.

Another recent change which I'd forgotten about was the replacement of one pence pieces by small rectangular biscuits, similar to the ones that are presented with coffee. The ones I have in my pocket are the wrong type - for some reason I need a few 1p's to make up the total.

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  1. Anonymous1:02 am

    just "managed" to wander past you page - I decided to read for a short while and then the quote" I am a relativly normal chap" thats when i decided to snigger.

    Still laughing 3 days later.

    Oi lambo - hook me up dude - afmassa@hotmail.com